Sustainable Aviation Fuel Webinar by Axens-FIPI

Webinar Replay - 05 April 2022

1 hour 10 minutes


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With the world showing concern and taking progressive steps to mitigate the environmental impact of GHG emissions, the Government authorities, Refining companies and Aviation industry are collectively exploring the different technology pathways to substitute fossils based Jet fuel with renewable and sustainable bio based jet fuel in future.


A single solution is not expected to substitute the current dependency on fossils based Jet fuel, and rather the future demands for biojet can be met by deploying different technology pathways depending upon availability of feedstocks in different geographies to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

In this context, FIPI and Axens are pleased to bring together an exclusive webinar on Sustainable Aviation Fuel - A Step Further to Sustain Present and Future Challenges of the Energy Transition, focussed on various technology pathways for Bio-Jet production.


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